The Hologram(hoographic) 3D LED Fan

- The Hologram(hoographic) 3D LED fan is the latest and most attractive advertising display , it can performance the 3D visual and animative effects floating in the air,with LED rotary blades creating the illusion of an object rotating in the air. Microprocessors and sensors locate each LED's angle, speed, and position. Then send a signal to each LED to create a realistic 3D image.

With Wifi control, you just send display videos to the LED fan device. Square and black background video with 3D content will ensure a wonderful hologram display . It will present a vivid 3D and holographic display in the air.


1. Can get rid of 3D glasses, making it easy to experience the stereoscopic image effects of unlimited technology.
2. Compatible with 2D and 3D sources, freely switchable, and the picture is deeper, but people have more visual and impact.
3. Support wall hanging and three-dimensional design can be used to maximize the utilization of space.
4. With the cylindrical lens design, it has the advantages of high contrast, high resolution, high brightness, low crosstalk, etc., making the 3D image more deeply moving, and the advertising screen is like a real object, which makes the customer recognized.

they can be used as edge light, cove light, furniture light, sign light, backlighting for adWords, lighting box etc., and widely used as decorative lighting for building outline, for a shopping mall, cloth store, restaurant, museum , sidestep, exhibition stand, hotel, KTV, club etc and also DIY Light for household use.


Lifetime :50000 hours

voltage :AC100-240V ,50/60HZ
visual angle :150 °
housing material :ABS+PC+hardware
Softwarecompatibility: APP, Windows 64bit Windows XP/7/8/10
Response time: 5ms
Operarted by Remoted controller and APP in smart phone

No: FAN42
- 42cm in diameter
- LED qty: 224pcs

No: FAN32
- 32cm in diameter
- LED qty: 224pcs

- Table style

No: FAN46
- 46cm in diameter
- LED qty: 510pcs

No: FAN56
- 42cm in diameter
- LED qty: 672pcs

No: FAN65
- 65cm in diameter
- LED qty: 758pcs

No: FAN70
- 70cm in diameter
- LED qty: 832pcs

No: FAN80
- 80cm in diameter
- LED qty: 928pcs

No: FAN100
- 100cm in diameter
- LED qty: 1184pcs

PACKING:  1pc/box, 24pcs/carton