F LED Flashing Gloves ( 13 Styles ) (Creaking to see the details for each item)

LED Black Glove
( 3 sizes )
No: FG03

LED Pink Glove
( lighted fingerS)
No: FG25

LED Black Glove
( lighted finger )
No: FG21

LED Bone Glove

No: FG22

LED White Glove
( 7 color LED on each tip)
No: FG02

LED Light Glove
( Lights at back )
No: FG01

LED White Glove
(Logo printed on )
No: FG23

LED Glittered Glove
No: FG07

LED Flashing Footwares (Creaking to see the details for each item)

Flashing Shoe
No: FL806

Flashing Shoe
No: FL803

LED Shoe
Lace Lights
No: FL804

LED Shoe
No: FL809

Flashing Shoe

No: SHE01

Flashing Shoe

No: SHE02

Flashing Shoe
No: SHE04

Flashing Shoe
No: SHE05

Flashing Shoe
No: SHE06

Flashing Shoe
No: SHE03

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