EL Sound Activaed Equalizer T- shirt
No: ELS03

1. Made of 100% 180 grams cotton in 4 sizes(S,M,XL), the standard color is black for man's style and pink for lady' styles, other colors or custom-made.
2. The EL lights are activated and animated by the sound or music.
3. EL flashing patterns and Flashing effects are made customerizedly


Products Information:
Washing :
1 Lighting Pad can be sewed straight on the T-Shirt or attached by Hook and Loop Sticky.
  (1) by hook and loop sticky : (you can take down Light Pad and wash the T-shirt in the
washing machine   (2) Straight Sewing type: the Light Pad can not be apart, the T- shirt
can be only washed by hand
2.Remove power unit before power
3.Do not submerge any part of the flash panel