LED Glow /Flashing Golfball(2 working moods)
 ITEM NO: 133
Now you can play golf long after sunset. Great for those mid-night golf matches, or for late-night
games in your backyard, or after-work sessions at the driving range. They glow in the dark!

- Number of layers:3
- Cover thickness: 0.08 inches
- Compression ratio: 80
- Weight: 1.53 oz.
- Circumference of ball: 5.28135"
- Air cannon(impact testing machine)
- 3 volt lithium battery
- 40 hours of battery life
- 7.2 flashes per second
- 5 Minute duration

LED COLORS:  Red green blue White RGB
3 LIGHTING MOODS:   1) Glow (Lighting up)        2) Blinking (Flashing)    3) 7color changing

A) It lights or flashes for 10 minutes by every strike at any time (it can still last for 10 minutes even the previous 5 minutes lighting has not ended )

B) it lights or flashes for 5 minutes by the first strike , during these 5 minutes, even you strike it again , it still lights or flashes for the first 5 minutes .

1) This glow /flashing golf ball is turn on whenever you strike them with your club and will remain on for a duration of 5 minutes
2) They can glow brightly or flash 7.2 times per second making them virtually impossible to lose
3) The LED golf balls are official U. S. G. A.(United State Golf Association)
size and weight and are 80 compression.
4) They will last at least 20 hours glow or flashing time, and can give you around 1,000 strikes of the ball.
5) They also can be used as the normal practice golf balls after the battery run out
6) They can be premium for promotion with your logo and imprint