Jumping Hoppers (Varous Styles )
- Just press down hardly its heads , and leave it to jump high by itself , very funny and novelty toy and promotion gifts

- 4 Launching ways:
1) Table launch  
2) Hand launch     
3) one finger launch    
4) Base launch

- With Red/blue LED lights flashing when jumping

- Customerized imprinting or style can be availalble

Styles Availalble : 

                                                        No: 8436A£® Smile Style £©

                                                        No: 8436B£® Facial Style £©

                                                        No: 8436L£® Facial Style £©

                                                        No: 8436K£® Facial Style £©

                                                        No: 8436C £®Facial with hair Style £©

                                                        No: 8436D£® Angry bird Style £©

                                                        No: 8436E£® Eyeball Style £©

                                                        No: 8436F£® Eyeball Style £©

                                                        No: 8436G£® Eyed Style £©

                                                        No: 8436P£® Sports Style £©

                                                       No: 8436H£®Halloween Style £©