LED Running Toys Powered by Cord (9 Items )
- Draw up the cord from the tail , when the cord is put off, the toy will run forwards by itself and at the same time with LED flashing on the top , very funny and novelty toy
- Environmental-protectional item , they are lighted by friction without batteries
- Assorted colours for the toys

LED Running Tortoise (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460A
Size : 12*7*7CM 

LED Running Whale (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460B
Size : 12*7*7CM 

LED Running Crocodile (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460C
Size : 11*6*5CM 

LED Running Elephant (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460D
Size : 10.7*5*9CM 
LED Running Ladybird (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460E
Size : 13cm x 11cm x
LED Running Mouse (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460F
Size : 15*7*6CM 
LED Running Rabbit (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460H
Size : 12*5*7CM 
LED Running Plane (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460P
Size : 17*13*6CM 
LED Running Tank (Powered by Cord)
No: 8460T
Size : 11*7*8CM