EL Glow Bendable Wires
Item No: ELW001

1.0.9mm,1.4mm,2.3mm,3.2mm,4.2mm,5.0mm diameter
2.cuttable and bendable for any shape
3.Flexible el wire with vivid color flashing
4. can be customized
1.Energy saving ,high brightness
2.Colourful with soft light
3.Light weight ,water proof
4.Flexible and can be easily bent ,curved ,cut ,knotted, and be easy to
make it stay the shape
(it has a thick core wire inside so it does not require any additional support.)
5.Better Flexure Endurance-minimum bending diameter of 10mm, you can use it to
produce many complex patterns and shapes.

Physical Feature
Input: 40-110VAC
Twisting amgle: 30C/m
Operating temperature:-10C-60C
Storage temperature:5C-35C
Input frequency:400-3000Hz
Bending diameter: <10mm
Operating humidity:<60%
Storage humidity:<30%
Electrical current:150mA
Stretching force:<1.5kg
Storage time:2yrs

Colors Available:
Activated by 2 X AA battery cage :


1.For house decoration--------walls,proofs,furnitures,window,stairs,corridors
2.For clothes decoration------warning clothes,costumes.
3.For vehicle decoration------cars,bicycles,motorcycles.
4.For festival decoration-------light christmas tree,make flowers and so on.
5.For advertising----------------make advertising words,logos lighting.

PACKING:  1pc/Blister card , 100pcs/carton