LED Skull Bike lights


Using high elastic waterproof silicone material

In pieces solid, durable, extending Zhang Lijiang

Pieces of multi-function fixed way

In pieces three way switch

Spray water proof design of mixer - rain also not afraid of flooding

Pieces to install or remove without any tools for 3 seconds to fix

Cold resistant and heat resistant silicon rubber material, regardless of 40 degrees below zero at low temperature or high temperature 220 degrees can be safely used.

Low outer cladding high elastic waterproof silicone, solid, durable, extending Zhang Lijiang.

Low high elastic silica gel multifunctional fixed way - can be installed in hand, seat cushion after the standpipe, front fork, fork, back backpack, on the hard hat on... To use.

Low fixed in the helmet in front - riding at night can be used as warning lights and browse the map.

Low fixed behind the helmet - can be used when a warning light.

One - Touch switch design, easy to operate.

Low three way switch: flash, slow flash, Chang Liang, close, can according to your actual demand fast switching.

Second-ranking sustainable use for 160 hours.

Low visibility warning valid up to more than 600 meters.

Low fast detachable type design - install or remove without any tools for 3 seconds to fix.

Low emergency lighting, night outdoor play, mountain climbing, bicycle illumination are appropriate.

Low resistance to water water spray design - rain also not afraid of flooding

 BATTERY USED & REPLACABLE , -2pcs of CR2032( big battereis can last for 160 hours )