LED Copper Wire
Item No:LEDW08

It takes super bright LEDs as light source, directly wire LED on the copper wire, is a new kind of decorative lighting wire , not only has all the advantages relative to the NaiPao light of lamps, and also has the energy conservation and environmental protection, security, waterproof, lightweight advanced functionality.

- without welding points, not easy to break down, the wire diameter is as small as 0.4-0.5 MM. The flexible degree is high, can be bended at will and to be made into any shapes.

- led twinkle light features: low power consumption, high performance, long service life, easy installation, low maintenance rate, non-friable, high brightness, cold light source, a long time to light, easy to bend. High temperature resistance, water proofing property is good, rich green color temperature, energy saving, high security, light, etc.

- it give out luminosity at 360 degrees, different from traditional LED lights : lighting at 90 degrees - 180 degrees

- Spec: : 3 cm. 5.6 cm, 10 cm

- LED color: red, yellow, blue, white, warm white, green, pink

- Wire color: bronze, silver, black, red, green, blue

- the power supply: : 3 v. 4.5 V. 12 V and 24 V

- the application ranges: Christmas tree lights series, decorative arts and crafts, garments, leather bags hang adornment ornament, company LOGO design, computer, mobile phone, electronic toys, decoration, gift packaging, packaging dry floral decoration, decoration and so on various industry processing and design.

- function : lighting up / blinking


Colors Available:

Activated by 2 X AA battery cage :

Activated by the power in the car :


PACKING:  1pc/Blister card , 100pcs/carton