Green Laser Torch (Pen)
No: W-205
This high-quality laser pointer incorporates the latest technology in green laser optics and Microelectronise. By rotating the front of the torch , the laser lights can be adjusted into the stars or liner point
Use your laser pointer to point at any desired targets,project screens,or video monitors, presentations museum and tour guides,point at the stars, and inspection.

Technical Parameter:
Fixed focus, green dot facula, continuous output and working time over 8000 hours
Output Wavelength:532 nm
Output Power:5mw,10mw,20mw,30mw, 50mw,80mw,100mw,120mw,150mw(also for clients )
Working Voltage:DC=3.2V
Trigger Voltage:DC=2.8V

Size(mm) 160 (L)กม13(D)
NetWeight(g) 68
Power output 30mW
Color Black
Battery 2 xAAA 1.5V ( including)
GrossWeight(g) 180
Packing Size(mm) 175(L)กม65(W)กม30(H)
Press the button switch to turm the laser ON.
Release the switch to turn it OFF.
Insert batteries:
Unscrew the end cap,insert batteries with positive end upward and screw the end cap.
Use alkaline batteries.