LED Handwritten Poster Board (Sketchpad)

This Product is designed for free bright writing and free e rasing , great for indoor
and outdoor Advertising in various places, such as bars, cafes, club, store, restaurant, supermarket, hotel,exhibition hall, etc with the Feature as follows:
Strong attraction:
with colorful writing and drawing which is lighting and blinking,
can be visible by the first eye and from far
Handy writing:
can be written and drawn and painted on as will, to develop your
imagination and creation and make DIY artwork
it can be erased and rewritten without limitation,the information on it can be changed easily and quickly

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Lighting and blinking effect:
directly powered by 110-220V AC ,it creates the lighting and blinking by 2
switches , the best for indoor and outdoor advertisement
Colorful effects: by the fluorescent pens in the various colors, it can be created into beautiful and colorful
writing or drawing or painting

Standard Sizes as below, any other cusotmerized size can be availalbe at request

Size: 60*80cm
No: EB- 6080

Size: 70*70cm
No: EB- 7070
No :EB- 5070
Size: 40*60cm
No: EB- 4060

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