Small LED Flashing Dog Collar

Size 2.5 x 35-43cm
- suitable for Mini dog and small dogs , such as Chihuahua , butterfly dog Hiromi , dachshund , cat
Size: 2.5 x 40-48cm
- suitable for In Medium dogs such as Pekingese , Manchester dog , Wells Ke Ji bulldog , bulldog , Poodle

SСȮ 35-43cmΧ8CM?

?MȮ? 40-48cmΧ8CM???

LŴȮ 45-53cmΧ8CM???

XLŴȮ? 52-60cmΧ8CM???

- Lighten up to 72 hours
- Anti- mosquito Function (at option )
- Protect your love pet and yourself in night
- Waterproof
-LED color:Red Green Blue pink Yellow Orange white Multi colors
-Webbing color: the same as the LED lights
-Three flashing modes: quick flash/slow flash/keep on light