Anti-Bark Bark Control



1 The newest intelligent transmission system is capable to identify the sound of the dogs and will make static to restrain the dog automatically .Besides, the ˇ°stopˇ± function won't work if the sound isn't from the right dog .In that case, we can avoid making mistakes.

2 The set won't make static at the first bark , but if the bark last , the static will get stronger gradually from the second bark to the sixth bark .And if the bark continue even at the strongest static level the set will stop automatically for about 2 minutes and then get right .

3 The impulse static is safe and effective .Just like we touch the electrostatic objects, surprisingly and innocuously .

4 The allowable bark degree is adjustable. The master can decide the bark degree according to their need.

5 The small batteries are easy to change .It costs a little electric power while working and the life of batteries standing by can last more than 60 days .

6 The nylon collar is easy to adjust and comfortable to wear

7 The waterproof collar is small and light.

the system includes :

1 a waterproof static set

2 a nylon collar which is easy to adjust and wear

3 two small batteries which are easy to buy :CR2032

4 two pairs of exploration poles suit to varies of fur length

5 a test bulb

6 a special screwdriver used to adjust the allowable bark level

preparation before using

1.0 test and adjust the static collar

1.1 How to install the batteries :

1.1.1 open the round cover

1.1.2 Make the anode of the battery upward , and put the battery into the battery tray aslant

1.1.3 P ress the battery to make sure it won't get out after being fixed

1.1.4 Observe the LED indicative light , it will flash once every 5 seconds or just once every second in the case of the exploration pole has signal

1.2 Take down the batteries

1.2.1 Open the round cover

1.2.2 Use the screwdriver to press the spring leaf locating on the right side of the battery tray , then the right side of the battery will spring out .

1.2.3 Let the battery in inversion and get it out

1.3 Test the static set

1.3.1 P lease adjust the allowable bark level to the lightest level (counterclockwise), which is convenient to test the static phenomenon .

Please notice that the adjustment has only half of the circle (180 dimension).Don't revolve it overly , or it will be damaged .

1.3.2 Let the exploration pole slide along the firm and non-glassed surface lightly .While sliding , it will make a vibration which resembles with the vibration of the sound track , causing the set to release the static ,and the LED light will flash.

1.3.3 LED light turn to flash quickly at the first slide ( is equal to the first bark ), reaching flashing once every second , it also flashes quickly at the second slide in the case of the static standing by ,making the ˇ°pa-paˇ± sound showing that the static is released .When the exploration pole is connected to the test bulb , the bulb will flash. Between the two slides ,3 to 5 seconds is the safe period . The static will get stronger if it is caused by continual bark .

1.3.4 A fter the static happen caused by the sixth bark ,the static set will stop for about 2 or 3 minutes safely and then it will recover to the initial condition.

1.3.5 If the allowable bark level is increased ( counterclockwise ) , the slide friction must be strong enough to cause the static .Please don't use the friction overly while testing to prevent the product being damaged

1.3.6 Sliding on the soft surface won't cause the static.

1.4 Fix the nylon collar

1.4.1 Take down the 8-shaped button and the lateral button of the nylon collar.

1.4.2 Make the nylon collar get through the two holes locating on the two sides of the static set .

1.4.3 P ut on the 8-shaped button and the lateral button.

1.4.4 The 8-shaped can adjust the length of the nylon collar .

1.4.5 A djust the length of the nylon collar to fit the neck of the dog .The proper length should be that the exploration pole can touch the muscle of the neck .