Remote Control Trainer

 ITEM NO: PE-154



Ideal for call or training pets, .¡ñ Uses vibration instead of static stimulation

2 levels of vibrations and whistle , ¡ñ 150 yard range

Receiver uses 2pcs AAA 1.5-v battery; ¡ñ Transmitter uses 1pcs 23A 12

Transmitter Specs : Receiver Collar Specs:

Height: 86/ Width: 36 / Depth: 18mm ¡ñ Height: 32 / Width: 53/ Dept:30mm

Weight: 60g. ¡ñ Weight: 100g.

Frequency: 433.825 MHz ¡ñ Collar: W 3/4"¡ªL1 6"

Red light on face ¡ñ Red Light on side

screw off battery cover and belt clip on back ¡ñ Waterproof

The remote controller and receiver of the machine apply automatic matching technology, and the receiver will make sound when the batteries are installed in the receiver, then press any key of the remote controller and the receiver will make continuous sound, which shows it has successfully received the signal from the remote controller, and the remote controller may work normally.

If the receiver doesn't make sound when installing batteries, please remove the batteries, and then install again 10 seconds later.

A. Before using the product

1. Confirm that batteries have been installed in the remote controller and the receiver.

2. Checking the remote controller: Press the buttons on the remote controller respectively. The indicator light will be on. If the indicator light doesn't work or gives dim light, change the batteries.

3. Checking the receiver: The vibration induction switch being installed, when the receiver is shaken, the power will be connected automatically and the receiver will be on standby. While the receiver keeps still for over 5 minutes, the power will be cut automatically for saving energy.

4. Connect the collar with the receiver. Adjust the length of the collar so as it fits the neck of the pet. The proper tightness should be that you can put a finger in.

5. Respectively press the high frequency/low frequency vibration buttons on the remote controller. The receiver will make high frequency/low frequency vibration.

6. Press the Sound button on the remote controller and the receiver will make the sound of B-B. You can train the pet to take your orders by different tempos. Every order must have a fixed tempo. An insisting training will bring you a wonderful effect. For example, ¡°three B-B¡± sounds mean ¡°coming back¡±.

7. Press the Light button on the remote controller and the receiver will give flashes of light, facilitating looking for your dog at night.

E-154 Remote Control Training User's Manual

B. Operation Instructions:

1. Switch the power switch of the remote controller to the ¡°ON¡± position. Be sure to turn it to ¡°OFF¡± when you are not using it for fear of false action.

2. Open the inserting buckle of the collar and attach it to the neck of the pet. Adjust the tightness of the collar. It is proper that you can put a finger in.

3 £® Pets will most likely fell uncomfortable when the collar is first put on them. At this time, you should not hurry to use the vibration function. Don't use this function until you are sure the pet gets accustomed to the collar. High frequency vibration is used to curb the improper deeds of pets. Don't use this function casually or for fun.

4. You may use the ¡°weak vibration¡± to page your dog silently and in long distance. You may also convey your order with the ¡°B-B¡± sound.

5. The flashes of light allow you to look for your dog easily at night ¡£

6. When you don't use the product, please take down the collar and the receiver and put them in a place without vibration, so as to prolong the lifetime of the batteries.

7. If you don't use the collar receiver for a long time, please take out the batteries.

C.. Change of batteries:

1. Receiver: Screw off the two screws in the bottom cover with an adequate tool, remove the bottom cover and change the two batteries (model: AAA / 1.5V). Pay attention to the anode and cathode of the batteries. Then mount back the bottom cover.

2 £® emote controller: Remove the battery cover at the lower part of the back of the remote controller by pushing it following the arrow, change the batteries (model: 23A 12V ) and then mount back the battery cover.

D..Notes £º

1 £® When collar is put on for the first time, some of pets would behave agitated. It should leave some time for pets to be accustomed. Do not use the remote unit during this time.

2 £® After power supply is on, receiver remains at stand-by state. When not in use be sure shut off power supply so as to prolong service life of a cell.

3 £® Digital and sonic frequency transmission technologies are adopted in the remote controller, in which remote control signal can penetrate barrier and there is no need for the controller to point at receiver. However barrier would affect useful distance of the controller.

4 £® Useful distance of remote control has things to do with type of the controller. A remote controller with the effective distance of more than 150 meters (straight line and barrier free) is equipped for the product. Moreover, remote controllers of 300m, 500m and 1000m are available.

5 £® BB sound of the receiver can be used to educate pet. When depressing big key of the controller in rhythm, the correspondent BB sound would be heard. A fixed rhythm of sound can be used to signified a specific desired action. All you need is your imagination and a little of persistence and your pet will know your instructions.

6 £® High frequency vibration of the receiver is used to stop improper action of a pet. Each time the high frequency vibration time should not last longer than 30 seconds so as to avoid receiver damage caused by overheat and too much consumption of cell energy.

7 £® The remote collar is, at present, most humane pet training tool. Use as per proper manner could train pets safely and effectively without any hurt.

8 £® Though it is a seal and damp proof design, it is not allowed to drench receiver in water. In case it is dripped by water, dry and then use.