Electronic Flea Killer Zapper Comb Brush f Cat Pet Dog



Keep your pet flea free and in tiptop condition. This specially designed comb will help to keep your cat or dog beautifully groomed whilst detecting and fleas and ticks on contact. Using no chemicals and totally harmless to animals, simply comb your pet's dry fur as usual, should any ticks or fleas come into contact with the teeth of the comb, they are instantly killed by a high voltage charge, and the indicator lets you know that there are fleas present. Essential for all owners of cats or dogs.
Efficient and safe. It works with 2 batteries ( supplied)
Suitable for cats, dogs and other long hair pets


Powered by 2*1.5V AAA size battery
Flea detecting/killing function on/off switch
Handheld size, lightweight and compact design
Insulated teeth ends to ensure it is safe to your pets' skin
Suitable for cats, dogs and other long hair pets

Package Included:

1 x Comb
2*1.5V AAA size battery