Remote Roll Football



Transmitter Specs : Receiver Collar Specs:

Height: 46/ Width:32/Depth: 12mm Diameter: 5" / 127mm

Weight: 1 oz . Weight: ?oz. ?? g

Battery: 27A 12- Battery: Battery : 2pcs AAA 3-volt

Frequency: 433.825 MHz Red/Yellow/Blue Light on side

Wate r Resistant Waterproof

The remote controller and receiver of the machine apply automatic matching technology, and the receiver will make sound when the batteries are installed in the receiver, then press any key of the remote controller and the receiver will make continuous sound, which shows it has successfully received the signal from the remote controller, and the remote controller may work normally.

If the receiver doesn't make sound when installing batteries, please remove the batteries, and then install again 10 seconds later.

Remote Roll Football Operation Instructions

1. Installation of batteries.

1.1 Hold the rolling football with both your hands, each hand press one side of the football, turn it following the direction on the surface of the ball and the ball is disassembled into two parts. (The two parts can be assembled into one in the same way.)

1.2 Remove the battery cover and install the two batteries (AAA/1.5V), minding the + and - of the batteries, and then install back the batter cover.

1.3 Reassemble the two parts of the football into one.

2. Remote control operation

2.1 There are four control buttons on the remote controller. The indicator light will be on when the buttons are pressed. If the indicator light gives dim light or doesn't work, remove the cover of the remote controller and change the micro batteries inside (TYPE: 27A /12V).

2.2 Vibration induction switch is mounted inside the rolling football. When there is vibration on the football, the power will be connected automatically. The rolling football can receive remote control.

2.3 If the rolling football keeps still for over 5 minutes, the power will be cut-off for saving energy. If you want to start it, just give it a light push.

2.4 The different buttons on the remote controller can respectively give different controls of the rolling football (rolling forward/rolling backward/automatic rolling/giving sound)

2.5 While pressing or , the rolling football will roll forward or backward . Pressing AUTO will give the football automatic control, under which, the rolling football will roll forward and backward automatically. The pause and singing songs will stop in five minutes automatically. If you want to stop it immediately, just press AUTO.

2.6 While pressing the button once, the rolling football will play a piece of music. Different pieces of music will be rotated.

3. Cautions

3.1 The rolling football is for rolling only. It cannot be thrown. Be sure to prevent the football from falling from a high place.

3.2 If you don't use the rolling football for a short while, place it in a place without vibration. Then its power will be cut automatically. Please don't place the rolling football in a place with frequent vibrations.

3.3 If you don't use the rolling football for a long time, take batteries out from it.