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Located in Shenzhen, the most developed and port city in China, we enjoy the most convenient production advantage and most efficient shipping from Shenzhen or HK.

We have been a most professional manufacturer and exporter for glow and flashing novelty items since 1998, our products covers the most varities in this line and they sell well in each part of the world.

High quality, competitive price, on-time delivery, fast and effective communications not only bring us the trust from all customers and their profit, but also devotes herself in improving ,presenting & programming ability.

We have always kept close the trend and also are developingthe latest and hot LED toys and gifts and we always can offer most popular and items earlier and competitive than others, and also we are always happy to work on the OEM products or packing by our R&D engineers and professional designers to help promote the sales for the customers.

It is our great pleasure to work hard with our customers worldwide for bialaterial interent and profit, our principle is "Keep our Customers Enjoy our Products and the Business with us."

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