LED Message Programmable Tyre Lights
Item No: W609

It is a high-technology product, operated by built-in CPU according to the programming's accurate scheduling beforehand, making the LED spot illuming or extinguishing somewhere on its running track,making the photo and words displaying on air depending on the 0.1 second of persistence of vision phenomenon by the user's rotation, wave and so on. the messages can be divided into as many group shows as you like. Any customerized messages and pictures are editted or designed in computer by the software Dot-matrix graphic input system, which can be downed here freely
Size: 8.8x3.8x1.5cm
Weight : 40g
LED colors : Red / Blue
For detailed information or know how-to-use , pls click User Manual
To download Computer Inputting software, please click the following Dot-matrix graphic input system

with button on/off switch at the back

click to see the vedio

USB Connector for imputting the messages or pictures